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To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to others and help develop strong men that will be able to go out into this world and stand fast in the faith of Jesus Christ to lead others to him!

Want to Help?


When God laid it on our hearts to host this camp in 2021, he also gave us a desire to do it at no cost to the kids which was a huge leap of faith!

Crazy right?  We had people tell us we were crazy, they said you could never do it, you will have 500 kids show up.....etc.  Well they were right in the sense of we can't do it, but God can and does.  That first year God sent enough through Godly people to give each child a bible, football, backpack, notebook, food for 125 kids and staff for 3 days as well as awards for the kids. 

He did the same in 2022 and we are trusting him for 2023.  If you want to help with the financial support of the camp you can donate at the link below.


To Serve Jesus and help raise a new generation that will follow him and lead their families to God!

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